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Thread: Bisexuality

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    I wanted to ask what people thought about a problem I've encountered. I like to think I'm an extremely tolerant person and that I am rarely judgemental of what anybody chooses to do with their lives. The problem I have is that whenever someone tells me they are bisexual I am immediately doubtful of that claim. I'm not hiding the fact that I am making a prejudgement but the thing is that practically every friend of mine who ever declared their bisexuality later on had to admit that such was not the case. I'm sure there exists a portion of people who do really feel sexually attracted to people of any gender but a lot of the time that's not how most people who claim to be bisexuals actually feel. Obviously, there is no one reason for people to act like that so I'm not going to try and generalize by saying "they just want attention" or "they're just insecure", I know that is usually not the case.

    I don't like judging people and I never speak of this particular problem but I have noticed there are quite a lot of people, especially in the LGBT community, who feel the same way as me and see it as people trivializing something really personal and blah blah which is how I see it at least. I guess I would like to hear from other people how they feel about it, what I'm doing wrong, does this really matter at all, etc.

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    Re: Bisexuality

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    Re: Bisexuality


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