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Thread: A Small and brief suggestion [For the forums]

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    A Small and brief suggestion [For the forums]

    I noticed when browsing the forums that there are several components (for want of a better word) that seem to me to be "missing". Things I feel would be important to have in the forums. Feel free to shoot down any ideas you think are stupid.

    Firstly, a subforum, maybe here, for suggestions to do with the forum. Not really necessary, but it would help in organization a little so that people who wanted to help could go to the help section and mods could go to the suggestions box and consider.

    Secondly, a forum for REQUESTS. Mostly fan art requests of any sort. I've got a forum adventure, y'see, and would like little flash games and animations for it, as well as music. I don't have flash though and I'm certainly not buying it (too expensive), and even if I did, the flash games would definitely not work. However, there's nowhere I can think that we currently have that would be suitable for the purpose. I suggest having a forum where users can post threads about the services they offer or where users can ask for an artist if they need one.

    Those are pretty much my only two ideas, the latter being the one I really want. Feel free to discuss them.
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    Re: A Small and brief suggestion [For the forums]

    art request thread

    people have advertised in there looking for FA collaborators before but i don't know how successful they tend to be.
    edit: to be clear, a lot of artists and animators have their own personal projects in addition to work and things like that, so asking people to do things like "flash games and animations" for free tends not to go over well. If you're looking to hire someone, that's something different. Or if you want to post in your adventure thread seeing if anyone who's already interested in the project might want to collaborate!

    as for suggestions, the existence of such a forum or thread would imply that the admins are taking suggestions, which they're not really. though yes, people put them in General Feedback anyway - or PM them to a mod or admin.
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