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Thread: (IC) WorldMerged: If The Cake Is A Lie, We're All Gonna Die!

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    (IC) WorldMerged: If The Cake Is A Lie, We're All Gonna Die!

    This is the IC Thread for WorldMerged.
    Click Here for the OOC Thread!

    > Prologue

    Out in the Farthest Ring, a ship sails. One of its passengers keeps a journal.


    I cannot believe that my companion and I escaped the destruction of the universe we were in. After months of wandering through space, we decided to return to the site of our old universe, a new one is in its place. We still have a while to go before we reach this new world, yet it is within our sights. My blue companion is as eager as ever to finally get off of the ship, I share his sentiments.


    While I am thankful that I am not making this journey alone, I do wish that the rogue and his companions had survived. Not a day goes by that I wish I could see the rogue again, but alas he is gone. Hopefully this universe will contain another heroic young man, one who will prevent this tragedy from repeating itself. All I want out of this new world is some peace and quiet.

    > [S]WorldMerged

    Please disregard Rongar posts. He has been retconned out of the story.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Boy, quickly hurry inside, it is cold out there!
    You do so.

    >enter name

    Your name is Tom Leonard, the nephew of a terrible movie director. You have to put up with his lame fantasy movies since a young age. Because of this, you have grown a distaste for the fantasy genre. Instead, you have a fascination with the more tolerable science fiction movies. You enjoy hearing tales of of badass captains such as Captain Kirk. Or prehaps a story that involves HEIRs to unimaginable powers, such as Luke Skywalker. You just enjoy the prospect of such characters traveling through space, meeting such strange on odd aliens. At least it's more entertaining than a bunch of smelly guys going on homo-erotic adventures in order to dispose of some silly ring.

    You have also taken an interest in underworld fantasy. However this is more for the badasses who hunt those monsters down. You actually have a crippling fear of the undead, dreading the night one comes into your household and sucks the life our of you. However, you HOPE to be come an awesome monster hunter, and take on the agents of the night. At the very least, if the undead happened to be fake, you aim to be some type of badass. People say you tend to come off as arrogant or cocky, but you don't think that's true. You just think that you are pretty awesome, and are better than everybody else.

    What will you do?

    >Pester sciencey friend.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    You are now RONGAR KWARDOS, and you are a POET. Your interests include exploring, writing fanfiction, reading, and writing poems that aren't slam poetry. You aren't very musically gifted in the regard, but you love rock and roll. Other interests of yours include LEGEND OF ZELDZA games, talking to friends, and practicing your sword techniques. You use a sword obviously, as it seems like the most honorable weapon choice, and you put honor before reason more often than you should, but you know when to put reason before honor. Your real reasoning, though, so that you can understand being a swordsman better when you write fanfiction. Online, you are known as wordySwordsman and []--]Your-words-make-your-sword> though you don't put proper punctuation in, as it would make the sword look odd. You don't really have a biased view on the hemospectrum as other bluebloods have told you you should, but you have noticed that the farther away from your hue they are the less respectful they are. To you, at least. You can't say that experiences with those of a lower blood hue of yours have been...pleasant overall, but you still have some friends that low. Oddly enough, it's only seadwellers that will insult you for having a lower blood color than them, none of the indigo or higher blue bloods do that.

    >Rongar: Examine room

    You look around your room.
    You see that your books are in order, your swords are where they should be, and your recent fanfiction pages are on your desk.
    What shall ye do-eth now?
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Be the cinephiliac rich girl.

    You are now Annie Lawyer. Despite your name, you are not a lawyer. Bigass surprise. You are almost 16, your birthday in a few weeks. You pick up things using the dimensionally transcendental pockets modus your mother gave you as a gift for your third birthday through the mail. Your mother is rich, however you have never met her. She is always off at her work, being a computer scientest or some shit. Your nanny raised you, giving you everything you wanted, except your mother. She is sometimes strict and kind of crazy, which is why you don't really like her, but she has always provided for you, other than the money from your mother. Your mother's room is in your house, but you've never dared to enter. You LOVE every single Television show. You have never really loved a proper human being other than on TV. Lost, Heroes, Doctor Who, The 4400, Psych, CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Misfits, anything! Alright, you take that back. You HATE reality shows. HATE HATE HATE. You will never watch a reality show for all of the money in the world. All of it. You are sometimes called DRAMATIC or told that you are OVERREACTING. Fuck that noise. You don't overreact about anything! Or at least you think you don't? You often think you're more important than you actually are. You even once acted like you got kidnapped just to meet your mom, but your nanny found you before you were able to meet her. You don't even know why she provides for you, if she doesn't even care to talk to you, or see you! It's almost kind of creepy, you think, that your mother is some world renowned computer scientest or something and somehow you have never even seen a picture of her? Your chumhandle is briodeNebuliser [BN] and you kinda go with the flow yo.

    > Now get to the good part.

    You are indeed ANNIE LAWYER, and you aren't having the best day. You'll get back to THAT story later, but for now, you get on your computer to get your mind off of it. You check to see if any of your friends are online, and then slowly get sidetracked by the previously (and currently) open MUSIC PLAYER. You open it and see all of your favorite soundtracks, from I AM THE DOCTOR, to CHRISTMAS INFILTRATION. From LIFE AND DEATH to ECHOES. From A TALE BEGINS to THE REICHENBACH BALLAD. This is too much, you need a break from it. What were you going to do again? Who even knows. Maybe INSPECT YOUR POSTERS? Maybe RETRIEVE YOUR ARMS? Put your imprints on the TARDIS' internal briode nebuliser? Fly through the MEDUSA CASCADE using six pilots who were obviously untrained and could have killed you, themselves, and everyone on earth? Defeating the daleks, finding The Others, arresting moriarty, finding whoever killed your wife with a car bomb, and-- fuck. You remember. You're going to pester someone! But who to pester. Hmmm... you haven't spoken to Dian in a bit of time, might not give that a try!

    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] began pestering aphoristicBloodbanker [AB]--

    >What do you do now?

    That was good, you guess. You need to work on your social skills, though. Hmm.
    You'll go put together his present in a minute.

    >Be the yellowblood, even though you have no idea what that is.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ==> be the koonducktor

    You are now COMPLETELY UNPREDICTABLE. And you don't feel like introducing yourself yet!!!! You're just going to have to DEAL WITH IT.

    What? You want to know what you're doing? It's a concert, shit for brains! And you're the COMPOSER! Well, not really. You conduct an IMAGINARY orchestra. You have these all the time, whenever the MOOD STRIKES YOU. Attendance is at an all time low. No troll has volunteered, partly because the music you write is INCOMPREHENSIBLE. This really hurts your trollish feelings. You just do not see the appeal in concepts like HARMONY or RHYTHM. You used to KIDNAP lots of trolls and force them to play for you. That's in the PAST NOW. Instead you play ALL THE PARTS YOURSELF.

    By any standards BUT YOURS, you are TERRIBLE AT IT. Whatever, not like it matters! You put down your baton and pester Raeoch instead.

    -- musicalMobocracy [MM] began pestering ragnarokValiant [RV]--

    ==> obtain musikaul sword-strument

    Your mysteryKind MODUS is frankly a piece of dog crap. Usually it is a LOT OF FUN to use, but in functional terms it is worse then just leaving all your stuff on the floor. Which you do. You are sure you have a sword-shaped object somewhere in this mess. Time to go dumpster diving, bitches!!! This mess is totally part of your CHAOS THEORY and has nothing to do with any of your less savory character traits!!! You like to collect INTERESTING LOOKING JUNK and put it in your hive. Your tell your lusus not to touch ANYTHING. She's a VENEMOUS PLATYBUS (yes she is part transportation vehicle, dumbass!!), who is quite a CONDESCENDING HAG. She's a total KNOW-IT-ALL.

    ==> rediscover your sanity

    Woah!!! It's your LONG LOST SANITY. You were wondering where that went! You toss it, since it's not what you're looking for.

    ==> okay, who the hell are you?


    It's your thing. Your name is AEVISS ORTUVI. You go by AEVI though because it's waaay more random! You idolize RANDOMNESS and like to point out that the universe MAKES NO SENSE. You work to bring ENLIGHTENMENT to the masses, and to prove to them how the universe REALLY WORKS. (Purposelessly, duhhhh.) You call this the CHAOS THEORY but really it is your excuse to do whatever the hell you want. You carry on the legacy of your ANCESTOR who was practically a GODDESS when it came to chaos. The story that you were told is that she used GOLDEN APPLES to spread chaos across Alternia.

    You are FLIGHTY, COY and you aren't keen to EXPLAINING YOURSELF FOR ANYTHING. You are also kind of SCATTER-BRAINED. You often decide to switch from KISMESIS to MOIRAILS to MATESPRITS with no warning. While your true feelings are not that erratic, you are trying to make a STATEMENT with your act. The quadrant system is TOTALLY BOGUS.

    As a LOWBLOOD you were not given ideal real estate. You live in an AREA known for being POOR, DESPERATE, and particularly BLOODTHIRSTY. Yes, the INFAMOUS LOWBLOOD GUTTERS. There is a 97% robbery rate in your neighborhood and the CULL RATE is SKYHIGH. You fit right in. Your LANDLORD charges you an arm and a leg for living there. For some trolls, LITERALLY. You like to FLARP as CHAOTIC NEUTRAL. (Duhhh.) Nobody can guess what you're going to do next!!!! You do not care for the BLOOD CASTE much, really. It is not that you are against the BRUTAL OPPRESSION of the lowbloods. You really do not care. At all. It is just that the SOCIETAL ORDER it provides is all a sham. It creates ORGANIZATION in a random world! It's not NATURAL.

    You haven't figured out your PSYCHIC POWER which is a source of ENDLESS DISAPPOINTMENT for you. You love GOLD and how shiny it is, but all of your piles of gold have been unsurprisingly, and repeatedly stolen. You will find them, just you wait…
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Stop being the crazy troll girl

    You are now no longer the crazy troll girl. In fact, you are now this (relatively) sane human boy. What is your name?

    > Enter Name

    Your name is Will Davis. You live outside of a rural town in southern Illinois. One of your interests is gardening. You like to grow plants, mainly corn, and consider yourself to have a bit of a green thumb. You would be doing that right now if it was not THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING WINTER. God you hate winter. When you are confined inside, you like to watch movies. You have a soft spot for really old ones, but that doesn't mean the newer ones are bad. Any kind of monster movie is cool too, even if it's cheesy. The same goes with video games. You like retro ones, but you'll still play the newer ones every once in a while.

    Another one of your major interests is in Dinosaurs. You never really grew out of thinking they were awesome. All kinds of dinosaurs are cool, big and small, carnivores and herbivores. Unfortunately you'll probably never get to see one due to their regrettable extinctness attribute. You wish you could have observed them during their time.

    > Will: Cut to the chase and pester a friend

    -- rusticRaptor [RR] began pestering briodeNebuliser [BN] at 19:31 --

    > Will: Worry about Tom's present

    You would, but you're suddenly too busy being someone else!

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Be the Greenblooded Dreamer

    You are now RAEOCH VASMIT. You have a fascination with ANCIENT TROLLIAN CULTURE. In fact, you don't know anybody else who knows as much about it as you do. Mainly because your friends think that you're MAKING IT ALL UP. They’re actually RIGHT. After all, there were no NORDIC VIKINGS in the history of ALTERNIA, although according to your writings, there totally WERE. As such, you spend a lot of time WRITING fictional stories about these ancient lands, to the point of where you’ve totally confused most of the people you show these pieces to. Besides that, you spend most of most of your time on NICHE WEBSITES where you create vast worlds on which to virtually ROLEPLAY with others. Again, you just really, really like MAKING STUFF UP, although you prefer to call it DEVELOPING WORLDS, thank you very much. Your hive has many a JOURNAL and MAP to back this claim up, and you’re ready and willing to smack down a new PROJECT based on an idea you just had at any given MOMENT of the NIGHT. Although being bugged about it multiple times, you never really went for that FLARP stuff, unless it was to RUN the GAME and make it interesting. You don’t anger easily- more manipulative trolls find it difficult to put you under their MENTAL SWAY, to the point of it being nearly impossible. You have NO IDEA why this is, because it certainly doesn’t reflect on your attitude- you’re NOT STUBBORN and are generally IN A RATHER UPBEAT MODE.

    >Examine Room

    ...yeah, this place is kind of a mess. You'd clean it if anybody ever came up here, but there's never been a reason for that. Most if not all of your friends are from the deepweb, except for one or two of the neighbors. Right now, you've got notes from your dreams scattered all over the floor- most of which seem to correlate with those old ruins outside of your hive that you've been investigating recently. Maybe it's gone deeper into your think pan than you had thought? You don't know, but it doesn't make for good writing material, which is odd for your dreams at least.

    Speaking of which...

    >Pester the Bard

    You boot up your old husktop. It's a model that went out of style when the company making it got culled. What you're wondering is if Aeviss on Trollian... You pull up the window and ask her about the game.

    -- ragnarokValiant [RV] began trolling musicalMobocracy [MM] --

    bluuuuh your morail is so bad. You're glad she got the grubs, though... If it weren't for what you've been dreaming of, you'd have never picked this crew to go for this game. But the dreams already proved themselves a few times, it seems. Feels weird following scraps of your imagination on wild-goose chases into the future, though. It's like some sort of crazy unintelligible double reacharound or something. Hm. You still need to contact Calhad and Tyranr, see if they got the game as well.


    You pull up Thoth to check on your recent piece of worldbuilding literature. There are a few people that keep tabs on your work on the Deepweb webfiction page, maybe you got a few hits on it. Oh, Thoth has an update. The log goes on about "improved access, less ~ath, apocalyptic browser survivability". One of those arcane lengths of agreement term documents is up under it. You just shrug and hit accept. Who expects anybody to read those, anyway? It just covers the stuff that's written into law, and Webfiction United has always been on top of that... wait.

    How many views does your submission have?

    That can't be right. That's not possible. There is no way that many trolls would decide to read your crappy world-building essay-

    You stop yourself. You have a rather common ARTIST'S COMPLEX, as well, at that. It's very, very hard to convince you that your work is any good. But- that's ridiculous. 2,400 views...

    You numbly close Thoth and step back from the husktop. The curtain catches your eye as it moves silently, drifting as a draft stirs it.

    >Look Outside

    You step to the window and draw back the curtain.

    The wind picks up a notch- not hard enough to strip the hills of their hidden mists, but with the touch it takes to keep the blinds billowing out to shield your room from the oncoming sun. The breeze and the lightening mist on the horizon signal that blazing beacon's arrival, as if they march as heralds to the one true king's oncoming caravan, and yet the stars still shine forth in the vault of space, as if defying the omen of their faded brilliance. The wind is simply a reminder of that call. It's been a few lonely days since you last saw the sunrise, and for what danger it brings, it's dawning spectacle is not one to leave sight unseen. But duty beckons, it's lonely way turning yet again with the tides and the moons, and what they call this odd token of friendship has does set its' sights on your time. You are not tired. You have not been tired for a long time. But you still have that feeling, as if it was on the forefront of your vision, barely stepping out of view into the corner of your imagination when you turn your gaze upon it- you have the feeling that it's going to be a long-winded day.

    "Spirit of the lake and seas and rivers,
    Bear only perfumes and the scent
    Of healing herbs to just men's fields!" - Troll David Thoreau

    There's your lusus- she's flying home, probably from chasing some wild dragon lusus off. You should probably do like you told Aeviss and go plug that grub in. Tyranr will be waiting. Eventually.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ====> Don't be the last but not least person.

    A young girl stands in her... oh, wait a second.

    Much better! A young girl stands in her room/ laboratory. She is currently 16 years old, and as a requirement for any adventure, needs a name. What shall we call her?

    ====> Dwarf Mc...

    ...right, onto the real name then? Please don't hurt me...

    It seems as though your name doesn't fit into the size constraints. Would you like to extend them?

    AB: Its fine. Professionalism is top priority.

    Very well.

    Your name is DIAN MARTIN, daughter of a successful video game designer and tycoon. You were born with EXTREME DWARFISM and are shorter than most of your friends. This GENETIC FLAW has inspired you to pursue the studies of ESOTHERIC SCIENCES. You hope to someday figure out what makes you SO GOGDAMN SHORT and DISSAPEARIFY the gene codes responsible. In the meantime, you practice ECOBIOLOGY on bunnies to figure out how to MAKE THEM LARGER. This has nothing to do with your scientific goal and you in fact do it for fun.

    ====> Examine shelved experiments.

    You've preserved several of your earlier experiments in ectobiology as reminders of how far you've come, as well as the mistakes that got you there. The two on the top shelf were deformed beyond recognition, and in no way resembled the host bunny you appearified paradox slime from. However, after months of perfecting the process, you ended up with the third. He was an exact copy of your dear Aunt's pet rabbit... down to its time of expiration. All of your newer subjects have longevity matching up to your own so you'll no longer have to deal with loss.

    ====> Examine the 4th experiment

    THIS IS WHY WE DO NOT APPLY GIANT BUNNY GENES TO OURSELVES IN AN ATTEMPT TO FIX OUR HEIGHTS! It was a good thing you thought to make a paradox clone instead of applying the procedure directly to yourself, else who knows what would have happened. You keep it by your bed as a reminder of what not to do in hopes that it will sink into your subconscious and never do something like it again.

    ...and it STILL ended up short!

    ====> Examine lab station

    This is the place where you plan out many of your ectobiology experiments, as well as partake in other fields of research. In particular, you've been messing with samples of blood to gather gene sequences of normal people to compare with your own. The samples in the smaller vials are from your various internet chums which you were able to gather in small amounts with your appearifier while they slept (what they don't know wont hurt them). The large beakers are samples from your dad, whom is more than large enough to "donate" more than the recommended amount. These too were taken during sleep, though that was because he was too afraid to get pricked by a needle.

    You are interrupted from your thoughts by a person you had been meaning to talk to. This saves the trouble of seeking him out later.

    [10:44] -- rusticRaptor [RR] began pestering aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] at 22:44 --

    That conversation didnt end a moment too soon. Its just about time to feed your latest experiment, and you wouldn't want him to get hungry.

    Nibbler gets a bit destructive when he's hungry...
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    Dian Martin, Nurse of Blood. aphoristicBloodbanker [AB]

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Kwardos: Go outside.
    You were just planning on doing that anyway, you are expecting a package from Rae to be arriving soon.
    You have to be there to get the package, blood messengers are VERY serious about this point.
    Not like you'd be somewhere else, anyway.
    You swear these guys would deliver packages even if meteors came coming down...
    Hey, there's a dragon!
    That's probably the blood messenger!

    He lands his dragon and walks up to you with a package.
    You then converse with him.
    WS: []--]Okay>
    WS: []--]Here-is-my-signature-since-I-assume-you-need-it>
    You sign the paper he hands to you.
    WS: []--]Yes>
    WS: []--]Yes>
    WS: []--]And-I-know-the-package-contains-a-game>
    WS: []--]Pleasure-doing-business-with-you>
    He puts the package down and puts the paperwork in his bag.
    WS: []--]I-shall>
    He then casually mounts his dragon and flies off into the night.
    You pick up the package and return to your hive.

    > Open it!
    You see no reason to do this yet, for the game has not started!
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Tom: get pestered by freind

    Oh it looks like another chum is bugging you. You GUESS you should go talk to them.


    > Tom: go feed this stupid cat.

    Oh but she isn't stupid, she's just dumb, there's a difference. This adorable little kitty is named Romana, and she belongs to your uncle. He's really fond of her, and takes great care of her, but sometimes the little rascal finds her way into your room. Not that you mind at all, she's sort of become your side kick. You couldn't imagine kicking undead butt with out her around! She's probably hungry right now, you should go get her some food, and maybe check if Sburb came in the mail. But first you'll need some protection, in case shit gets reals.

    >Tom: Grab revolver.

    Oh yeah, you feel like you can take on the entire world with this baby. The entire, fucking, world.

    >Tom: Fire gun in random direction like a badass




    Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?
    This thread has just been derpified.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Be the EMPEROR.

    What? No.

    No. Fuck no. One of the reasons you are the emperor is that you take orders from NO ONE. You decide your own destiny. You have the power to shape it. You will be the emperor when you fucking feel like it—no sooner, no later. Because it is your choice.

    >C’mon man, you’re late already.

    Being late is fashionable, I am led to believe. Also, that is not the proper way to address me. I suggest that you accept your vastly inferior status, otherwise it may end badly for you.

    >…Emperor: FEEL like being the Emperor.

    You now feel like being the Emperor. This is perfectly acceptable, as you are the Emperor. Duh.

    Hold on, you also need to turn on your theme song.

    Your name is TYRANR KAEZAR, a troll of around 7 sweeps, and you are the FUCKING EMPEROR. Unlike many of the pathetic, insecure females that preceded you, you are BORN TO LEAD. Your natural INTELLIGENCE and SUPREME TACTICAL MIND are only one of the many parts that make you the greatest leader to ever grace the PATHETIC PLANET of ALTERNIA.

    As soon as you came into office, you TOOK CONTROL OF YOUR EMPIRE, by no longer delegating all of your paperwork to lower trolls. You do it all YOURSELF. And you FUCKING LIKE IT. Really. Stop staring. You hate that.

    AMBITION is firmly STAMPED OUT among all who follow you. This has caused some of the seadwellers to get quite nervous, and you have recently thwarted several ASSASINATION ATTEMPTS. It was easy, with your web of contacts, spies, and in that one case with the toaster, DUMB LUCK. Not that you would ever admit it.

    You FIRMLY BELIEVE in the concept of AUTHORITARIANISM , and enforce it with your iron fist. Your armies march across the lands, swarm across the seas, and have even began to set up a MOON COLONY. Well, tried. Something WEIRD happened. You’re still not quite sure. It sometimes bugs you.

    Anyways, you are the GREATEST CONQUERER EVER, so it is a shame there is nothing to conquer. Sweeps before, there was BLOOD, AND IRON! You long to live in the distant past, if only so you can SMITE IT. SMITE IT, AND LAUGH.

    Your LUSUS is, of course, GL’BGOLB. She’s OKAY. To be honest, you really don’t give a SHIT about the Empress, other than ENVYING her. Able to explore new lands and make them submit. But even though you do have a PSYCHIC CONNECTION with Gl’bgolb, you obviously don’t have any others. You’re a FUCKING TYRIAN BLOOD. Idiot.

    >Tyranr: Look around room.


    >Emperor: FEEL like looking around room.

    It is your will, and it shall be so!

    Oh yes. A room fit for an Emperor. It is of course, dominated by a large throne that doubles as a control center for your Empire. This is because it faces a giant computer screen on the opposite wall. You keep everything on that computer. Everything.

    Well, everything except your FLARP character, who by the way, is the most badass troll ever. You based him off of an old book you found detailing the lives of the greatest conquerors. Natrollian, Trollius Caesar, Trollixander the Great… but the one that stuck out the most had one of the shortest entries. Simply listed as “The Autocrat,” it appeared he almost dominated the globe before a mysterious death. After this, Her Imperial Condensation seemed to become dominant.

    Anyways, he’s a class called a Fightmeister, and he beats the shit out of everyone. One corner of your room is dedicated to a massive spreadsheet you use to keep track of all his stuff. All of it. You spare no expense when it comes to FLARPing. If you can’t do any actual warfare, this is the next best thing.

    You also enjoy such strategy games like Trollhammer 40k. Another part of your room is a large table where you keep all of your miniatures. Despite buying everything available, you don’t really have anyone to play with. Not that you care.

    >Emperor: Feel like ending this long winded description, and get to some fucking paperwork.

    You would do that, but right now you are admiring your statue. It is so shiny. It glitters. It is gold, which for some reason is a restricted substance. You ignore the SHIT out of this rule. You love gold. Glittery.

    …Anyways, some fucktard is pestering you. You might as well do this while you do the paperwork. Efficiency, efficiency. Good god, you are so awesome.

    …Yeah. You know, it would be really funny if you were just messing with this chick, but you aren’t. You really have no idea who she is.

    Actually, she’s already fading from your memory.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand gone.

    >Emperor: Feel like being pestered by another asshole.

    You would never feel like that, numnuts! You have no TIME for that!

    But sometimes it happens anyways. Fucking machines. You order them, and you order them, yet they never do what you say. Unless you like, learn computer programming, you figure this is going to happen forever.

    …Due to the rage these thoughts bring, you try not to think them too much. It's not good for your remarkably high blood pressure.

    >Emperor: Feel like PESTERING another asshole.

    That, you will do gladly. You needed something from this asshole anyways. He’s the Knight in your FLARP party, and you are pretty sure he makes all his own weapons and stuff. You buy yours. They are so much better.

    ...You sort of envy him because he made the stuff himself. But you would rather chop off your bone bulge than admit it.

    Well, time to dive into the dank depths of disrespect and annoyance. This troll should have been culled long ago.

    …You know, you aren’t really sure what that means, but you think it’s an insult.

    Wait. Hold on.

    >Emperor: Feel like pondering meanings of cryptic insult.


    He was just referring to the fact that you’re a seadweller. How silly of you. Not that you like to be reminded. I mean, all the other seadwellers you met are ungrateful, scheming bastards with no other motivation than a giant ego. Unlike you.

    Anyways, you actually had the paperwork filled out to cull this sucker for years. All the members of your FLARP party, actually. They are so annoying. Killing them would be beneficial to troll society.

    So, why don’t you?


    >Emperor: Feel like being alone now.

    Damn straight. Be someone else, who is probably MUCH less awesome than you.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Gather your Gear

    Usually your Guesture Modus is pretty much empty, but there are a few things you carry when you decide to start venturing about the hive.

    There's your SABER, of course. You don't usually sleep with it, unlike some trolls you know. It's more of a matter of having more than ample time to prepare if someone decides to attack your hive than it is naivety, though. You walk back over to your desk and pull it out of it's corner, assigning it to your Strife deck.


    Hmm, your journal and pencil, the pendant, the azimuth that you pulled out of the ruins what feels like an age ago, and your husktop. You have one more spot, although you place the husktop in the most convenient position. It's best for today, the crew is probably going to keep trying to talk to you.

    >The Pendant

    You switch over to the pendant and pull it out of your inventory with a few deft strokes.

    ...yes. The pendant. It's scribed with a strange circular pattern. And it was from an... old friend.

    You guess this is a weak feeling, as they say. But you don't really care. For what it matters, after all, sadness doesn't seem to fade with this kind of memory, and you're not dragging it to the surface now.

    >What of the King

    You should probably talk to Tyranr. He's most likely lost in his paperwork again. You stash the pendant and pull your husktop out, forgoing the three steps it would take to get back to your desk in order to lean against your recuperacoon.

    -- ragnarokValiant [RV] began trolling chargingCrusader [CC] --

    -- chargingCrusader [CC] gave up trolling ragnarokValiant [RV] --

    Well, at least he has it. This really could go either way- you guess it'll depend on how those two are feeling today.

    >And the Courier?

    Calhad, on the other hand...





    >Be the out of touch noble

    You are now CALHAD CELLOT, a member of the blueblooded GENTRY. You have just returned from adventuring across the lands of Alternia plundering abandonded lairs, slaying FOUL BEASTS, and rescuing damsels and dons in DISTRESS. Or at least that's how you see it. Granted OCCASIONALLY a lair tuns out to be someones hive, a beast a lusus, and a distress more of a minor kerfuffle. You don't let that get in the way of a good TALE and know that it's the journey that's important. After all your exploits are heavily inspired by CHIVALRIC ROMANCE NOVELS which you know almost by HEART. They are full of STAUNCH knights proving themselves worthy of the QUADRATIC LOVE of more dainty trolls who they know only at a distance.

    They are slightly OLD FASHIONED but frankly you think good old values are what the world needs. Your hive, for example, you light with PRIMAL FIRES not electricity. You like to hunt your own meat and throw large feasts for special occasions. Your hive is in no state to host such an event right now though. You've been away for too long and creatures have gotten in to make a mess. And it wasn't exactly the most structurally sound castle when you first designed it for the builder droids. That rickety rope bridge earlier was a later addition.

    You have no interest in these humdrum chores of maintaining your hive.

    You're sure any exciting story would simply skip them and come back when you're finished.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Will: Pester Tom

    -- rusticRaptor [RR] began pestering reanimationAnnihilator [RA] --


    Well that didn't go well. And you sort of lied there. You DON'T have his present. You must have screwed up the dates and thought his birthday was in two days instead of one. You'll have to send it today, and you don't even have something ready yet! Or maybe you do...


    You open up the closet and sure enough the GREEN BOX is still there. This thing was a birthday gift from one of your friends at school who knew your interest in monster stuff. This thing in particular isn't up your alley, so you never bothered opening the thing inside. Tom, on the other hand, would love this kind of thing.


    It kind of seems like cheating as far as birthday presents go, but a gift is a gift. You ARE sending him something that belongs to you that he would like. You reseal the box and make a new label. He will never know.

    > Captchalogue the box

    You stow the box in your sylladex using your EGG modus. You also take a HAT from the closet for no reason in particular.

    Your modus works by encasing captchalogued items in "eggs" on the cards. You cannot access the item or its captcha code until it "hatches." Lighter items will hatch much sooner than heavier ones. This means that the HAT will become available before the BOX does.

    > Head out

    You grab your phone first. You can't just leave yourself un-pesterable.

    > To the lab!

    Now it's time to get this thing sent. If your mom really works with the same transportation technology as Dian just demonstrated, it might mean a trip to the lab is all it will take to get it to Tom instantly. You can even be back in time to join the SBURB game.

    Your mom's lab is a short walk down the road, so you'd better get moving. You don't feel like walking through the house, so you are taking this other door. It leads directly outside onto the BALCONY over the porch.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ==> ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar

    Hell no!!!!!!!!! You live on HELL MURDER STREET. TROLLSLUM GHETTOS, remember? And when trolls are calling a place a ghetto, you know it's bad. This time of night is particularly bloodthirsty. Actually, all the hours are bloodthirsty. Did you mention bloodthirsty? You've got no time to trade death threats with your neighbors. You all greet each other with stabs. It's just a neighborhood tradition. Most of the LUSCII act as GUARD DOGS and protect their troll's TERRITORY.

    You hear a SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM in the distance. Ugh, it is so noisy where you live! Can't all these trolls die a little quieter? The empire has totally given up on maintaining your neighborhood, and as a result it's gotten even shittier lately. Sucks to be you!


    Oh what, THESE? These are your NEIGHBOR'S ARMS. He tried to SLIT YOUR THROAT while you were in your RECUPERACOON. Sneaky bastard. You got him though. You're not sure if he's still alive or not, but he's probably missing these!!!! Bah, he didn't need them. That's what he gets.

    ==> get bored enough to message the other players

    Nope, you don't feel like it, narrative voice! But you have a plan in motion to throw a wrench in the connection chain. Not because you're feeling malicious towards your moirail who organized it all, but you have a bone to pick with TYRANR. He's in your FLARPING group, and he completely blows you off EVERY TIME you interact. He's so CONFIDENT that his little MONARCHY will keep him at the top!!! AS IF!!!! You are definitely not playing the way he wants it!!!

    You have decided that you and the fancy pancy blueblood KALHUD are going to get this show on the road. The idiot is known for terrorizing any FLARP session he finds because he keeps mistaking them for the REAL DEAL. You totally support his misguided quests for these reasons.

    ==> keep searching for SGRUB grub

    Oh, BLUHHHH. You can't believe you left this just lying around, even though it was underneath a bunch of other stuff. Embarasssssssiiiiing.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ====> Do sciency things

    You have been working on sciency things for the past few hours actually. In particular, you have been crafting a present for Tom using your knowledge of ectobiology. That is in the box. The egg next to you is an extra from your recent ectobiology shenanigans. As you can't sendificate a living creature, you had to create an embriotic state in its life cycle so you could send the egg. That required making a paradox clone of a several million year old dinosaur. But you feel the end result will be more than worth it to Tom.


    ====>Captchalogue the Box

    You cannot captchalogue the box because your modus cannot tell what is in the box. Nor do you wish to open it so that it may reveal the birthday surprise a day early.

    Your periodic Table modus captchalogues things by their atomic makeup. It then places the object in the slot on the table where it belongs. You use this modus mostly to store your chemical solutions so that Sir Killjoy doesn't take them away "for your safety". Its a scientific solution to frustrating item storage.

    ====> Demonstrate the Modus

    You captchalogue one of your vials of blood to demonstrate. Upon captchaloguing an item, the card is placed on a square in the grid based what element is greatest in the object. As human blood is iron-based, it places it under Iron. The downside to this is that you have to remember what items are where, which isnt a problem for you. its actually rather convenient, as the readers are eluded to all the dangerous chemicals and devices stored within.

    ====> Captchalogue laptop

    The modus sorts your solid gold Boontop under the gold slot. You had your father buy this laptop specifically so it wouldnt waste one of your precious iton or silicon slots in your modus. This is perhaps the only moneysink Sir Wasteful has put his money into.

    ====> Captchalogue Power Station

    Your modus sorts it under Uranium. This surprises noone.

    ====> Captchalogue Blaster.

    Since you're already captchaloguing the contents of your lab table, you decide to take the lazer. Your modus detects a large ammount of Iron in the casing and assigns it to iron. However, this causes a collision...

    ...and ejects the item onto your bed, where it promptly shatters.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    Phew! You're finally done with Tom's present! You would fondly regard it, but alas, you have already sent it to him through the mail. Of course it will show up late, but hopefully not TOO late. Whilst checking one of your favorite websites, you notice that one of your chums is pestering you! Who could it be?


    -- aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] began pestering briodeNebuliser [BN] --

    >Annie: wat da faq

    Woah! What the heck? You wonder how she even did that! Hot damn! Sometimes Dian really does come through with that awesome science shit. Of course, Dian isn't your BEST friend, but she sure is a good friend. You will be sure to pay her back later, but for now, you should worry about thanking her!

    BN: thanks a lot bro
    BN: er
    BN: sis
    BN: figuratively
    BN: not literally
    AB: Of course.
    AB: Figuratively.
    BN: imma install it and then get tom to play
    BN: seeya later
    AB: Good luck.
    -- aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] ceased pestering briodeNebuliser [BN] --

    >Annie: What will you do?

    You ponder what exactly you plan to do next, but are interupted by being somebody else!
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    >Once again, feel like being the Emperor.

    You are now once again the Emperor, and have gotten over your temporary crisis of self-realization. Specifically, you have stopped thinking about it. Ignorance is the best shield against reality, after all. If only that shield was spiked, than most of your problems would solve themselves.

    Now, it appears there is some paperwork that requires your attention. As always. You sign it without even looking at it. Usually you read through it, but today you just do not give a shit. The strain of purposeful ignorance is a burden that only a true Emperor should bear. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone, because then they would have way too much power, and you would have to eliminate them.

    Speaking of which, the next assassination attempt is long overdue. The last one was a couple of weeks ago. That one with the toaster. You still aren’t entirely sure how you managed to get out of that one. Most probably, your awesomeness blinded the would-be assassin masquerading as a kitchen appliance, and caused him to fall prone at your feet. Either that, or your attempts to shove buttered bread in his ears caused him to pass out. Somehow.

    Maybe they learned their lesson, and realized that the Emperor that they have now is the best possible Emperor. Or they’re just lazy. Naaaaaaaaah.

    …And now you are getting pestered. Who DARES disturb you?!

    Oh, right, the GM of your FLARP session. She’s alright, for a lowblood. At least she knows her place. And is high enough for you to actually acknowledge her existence.

    >Have conver—FEEL LIKE having conversation.

    You already SAW this one, dumbass. Jeez.

    Well, at least you know what to do now. Time to go to your mailbox. But first, you need to captchalogue some shit in your DICTATOR MODUS, which works like this. You yell at it to put stuff in. And you yell at it to get stuff back. Punching it also works.

    >Feel like flipping out on modus in a humorous manner.


    You also make sure to properly equip your strife deck, with the four strife types you use, spikeKind, shieldKind, tridentKind, and netKind. You figure that you are at least four times more awesome than your average troll, so it works. The fighting style that you use is INVINCIBLE. Well, when FLARPing. In real life, all it actually does is make you fall over for having so much shit to use at once.

    >Exit room.

    You exit your room, and come out into the grand ballroom of the palace, where great parties and dances were once held. You stopped all of that, and converted it into a room for storing massive amounts of FLARP shit. Because you are that much of a killjoy. You mean awesome. Fuck.

    Anyways, it appears as if Gl'bgolyb is sleeping or something, from what you can see through the giant glass dome. You keep the rooms here high and dry, because it would make all of your paper soggy. Anyways, you’re glad she’s asleep because now you don’t have to talk. You’ve ordered a constant train of sedated food fed to her, because that’s more shit you do not need to deal with.

    Whatever. Anyways, you figure you might as well go and get that mail. The mailbox is on land, because Blood Messengers aren’t that happy going underwater. You have a long climb ahead of you.

    >Tyranr: Ascend, or feel like ascending, or some shit.

    Fuck that. You are going in the elevator. For some reason, the people who installed it were sniggering. You wondered why. Ehhhhh, whatev—

    >Find out reason for sniggers.

    OH MY GOD.
    This is the most horrifying assassination attempt ever.

    >Wait for a goddamn hour for the fucking music to end.

    Normally you would fly into a rage, due to this utter disrespect, but you are in way too much pain to do it, as the elevator rises agonizingly slowly to the surface. You amuse yourself by thinking about how you are going to murder the people who installed this elevator.

    You figure you could first skin them alive, and then drop them into a pit of searing lemon juice. Then, when the screaming stopped, you would find a way to stimulate the part of their brain that controls pain. You would then do that to such an intensity that they would attempt to kill themselves, only to realize that they have been purposefully placed into a room where there is no object able to—

    Oh, you’ve arrived. If you bothered to check the time, you would have realized that it has only been, like, a minute. But it felt like an ENTERNITY.

    As you stumble out of the elevator, dazed, you are suddenly surrounded by FOUR NINJA, SWORDS DRAWN! As your head clears, you realize that there is only one ninja. But still, sword drawn and stuff. To be honest, you are getting really tired of fighting ninja. Even a mobster or something would be a nice change of pace, but nooooo, always fucking ninja dressed in black and shit. I mean, would it kill them? Really?

    Actually, it would be sort of nice if it DID kill them, because then you wouldn’t have to deal with all these fucking assassins. Whatever.

    >[S] Feel like…STRIFE!!!!

    You don’t exactly feel like it right now, but it doesn’t look like you have much of a choice. Head ringing, you activate all of the cards in your strife deck. This causes you to fall over. Looks like the first move goes to the assassin.

    >Assassin: Aggrieve!

    Looks like your target is down. You draw your appropriately curved sword and attack, slashing off several of the spikes on his armor, but doing no damage. Unfortunately.

    >Tyranr: Fight back!

    Welp, that was lucky. However, he did just deface about 400,000 Trolldollars of pure gold armor, which in retrospect was NOT the greatest metal to make armor out of. Too soft.

    Anyhow, it appears as if it your move. You decide to do the intelligent thing, and attempt to trap the man with your net. It fails. Epically. You then throw the trident, and it misses by a mile. Hot DAMN. Finally, you chuck your shield at him. Nothing. Why you decided to do that, you do not know.

    >Assassin: Charge!

    You charge the defenseless Emperor, blade raised, and—

    You get stabbed in the eye by a Trollhammer 40k miniature.

    You die in the one of the least awesome ways possible: being accidentally stabbed by a tiny toy, when you are holding four feet of sharpened, deadly steel.

    >Tyranr: Thank Troll Jesus.

    You are suddenly feeling a lot more pious. Especially since you only have one figure covered in spikes. You guess that’s why your strife deck grabbed it?

    Anyways, you are badly shaken, but are in decent enough shape to check the mailbox. Sure enough, it has a copy of the new game in it. However, there is no way you are going to take it back down that fucking elevator, so it looks like it’s the stairs for you.

    >Tyranr: Descend.

    This is going to take a while. Also, whatever happened to Emperor?

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    ==> meanwhile....

    Your BELOVED COD PIECE!!!! You were wondering where this went. This is a HIGHLY FASHIONABLE HAT in most troll circles. You are absolutely thrilled.

    ==> find your game already, you're holding everyone up

    Oh, and you guess you found your SGRUB SERVER grub too.

    > Calhad: Get accosted by a knave

    You had been doing some light reading before you were trolled by Aeviss. How ironic that she would interrupt you while you were in the middle of a chapter. At least you think that's irony. The books that you read aren't heavy on irony. Straight forward adventures of slaying beasts and defeating worthy foes in name of true love. At least you don't think they're being ironic. You put the book down and read what the miscreant has to say. Uncouth heathen peasant she may be, at least she takes your errant quests seriously sometimes.

    At least you think she takes them seriously.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Tom: Stop mourning dead cat you have work to do

    You decide to stop crying over your dead cat, and get to business. You can weep over Romana cat some more AFTER you get the Sburb disks. You sneak through the hall way, hoping to not catch your uncle's attention. In the hall way you spot two posters your uncle hung up. One being for his rendition for "Lord of the rings". He turned a beloved story about a bunch of travelers trying to destroy an evil ring, into /B/ grade action schlock. When people talk about lord of the rings, they usually refer to his shitty rendition. The other poster is of "Yor: Hunter from the future" Staring Reb Brown. This is no doubt inspiration for your Uncle's films.

    >Tom: Open door and peek inside.

    There the smug bastard is, admiring the poster for his newest stinker. All of your uncle's movies end up being absolutely dreadful, but for some reason people flock to them. It seems that your uncle intentionally made them bad, which appeals to a certain audience. You feel that it's a shame, he could have probably made some AMAZING films.

    >Tom: Get Sburb disks already!

    You quickly run outside in the freezing cold, and check your mail box. It seems that your copy of Sburb has arrived! You should probably bug Annie about playing it soon.
    This thread has just been derpified.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: [S]tarting Strong!

    > Will: Exit

    You exit to your room and head to the BALCONY. This space extends over your house's large PORCH. Wait, aren't you going the wrong way?


    Nope. Who said you were taking the stairs?

    > Will: Descend

    Gutter sliding is the way to g-OH GOD WHY IS IT SO SLIPPERY!



    Well that didn't go well. There was snow on the ground yesterday. A lot of things are still wet from the melting. Now you have mud on your jacket. Dammit!

    Hey, there's your SHOVEL! You were wondering where you last left it. You captchalogue it and make a mental to return it to your STRIFE SPECIBUS as soon as its egg cracks.

    Speaking of which, the HAT just became available. The GREEN BOX will be stuck in place for several more minutes, but the SMARTPHONE should be accessible in a few seconds.

    > Will: Get going

    You start heading up the road to the SKAIANET LAB where your mom and her equipment are. A few seconds later, your phone hatches. You are immediately pestered.

    -- aphoristicBloodbanker [AB] began pestering rusticRaptor [RR] --

    Well that was a long conversation. Hopefully you won't have too many more interruptions. You want to get this over with so you can play SBURB.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Starting [S]trong

    ====> Dian: Return from Laundry

    You return to your room aver a quick stop at the laundry room to drop off your bloodstained sheets. By now Sir Oblivious is used to seeing bloodstained laundry in the wash and assumes you’re behaving well. Which is good, because you’re pretty sure a normal person would be freaked out by all the red stains on your various lab coats.

    ====> Everything Else: Be where you left it

    Why would you even say that? Of course everything is where you… oh. That’s not good.

    ====> Pester Friendly Neighborhood Dino Man

    You chat with Will about feasible techniques of tracking and taking out a small tyrannosaurus. It doesn’t differentiate much from the usual “see threat, fire lasers” strategy you’ve adopted over the years from… less than successful experiments. You keep mind to equip your captchalogued laser pistol to your laserkind specibus.

    ====> Exit Bedroom

    You leave your room into the foyer of the east wing. Sir Gracious allowed you an entire wing of the mansion for you and your various experiments under the condition that none of them disturb the other parts of the house. You’d rather not have this raptor breaking the rules and having your experiments bunk with you in response.

    This particular room is home to Nibbler, the largest rabbit you’ve created with Ectobiology. He started out so small, yet in a few short weeks grew to such a ginormous size. The thing took a liking to this spot next to the fireplace as it is both warm and roomy. You probably couldn’t move him if you tried.
    You sneak past quietly as to not wake him up. Nibbler tends to get cranky when he’s woken from his nap.

    ====> Check on other experiments

    You go to the courtyard where your other ectobiology experiments are stored. A quick search of the area reveals one rabbit missing, but no signs of struggle. You assume the troublemaker is somewhere in your father’s wing of the house, as he has a tendency to wander off. However, it’s doubtful that the dinosaur passed through here.

    ====> Keep searching the house, he has to be around somewhere.

    After a good hour of looking around the mansion, you end up in Sir Mediocre’s gallery. In the time he’s not wasting time with his game designing, he’s painting these portraits of his various dreams. You would comment over your dislike of them but he seems very attached to quite a few, as if they were dear memories of sort. Of course, you have no idea where he would have found a tower in the middle of an endless field of roses.

    ====> Examine photos

    Amongst the many paintings are a few pictures of Sir Businessman and his various business partners. To the left is a photo from the partnership of Martin Industries and Insanus Games, working together to bring his less than par games to the world. He wouldn’t have been able to sell nearly as much without Mr. Insanus’s crazy business tactics.
    To the right is one of your dad’s various business associates from Skaianet. The two of them worked on a team to develop that Sburb game he’s been going on about for the past few weeks. You’ve seen her around the house from time to time but don’t think there’s anything serious between the two. Then again, you’ve yet to get a blood sample to test the relation. For the meantime, you’ll just assume it’s strictly business.

    Suddenly, a shadow creeps over the wall.

    ====> Find the source of the sudden shadows

    You do not need to find the source, as it seems to have found you!
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Starting [S]trong

    >Annie: Captchalogue the sburb box and Pester Tom concerning it.


    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] began pestering reanimationAnnihilator [RA] --
    BN: tommmmm
    BN: tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    BN: tom are you even there
    BN: tom
    BN: TOM
    RA: Sorry.
    RA: I was getting my copy of Sburb.
    RA: you do not know the SHIT I had to go through.
    RA: Seriously, first Romjana died, then that crap?
    BN: oh yeah
    BN: sorry about the cat bro
    BN: i just got my copy too
    RA: It's fine I guess...
    RA: Oh really?
    RA: Could we start playing soon then?
    BN: yes
    BN: totally
    BN: B)
    RA: Alright, I'm installing this shit now...
    RA: It says it's looking for a server player or something.
    BN: okay
    BN: i gotta install tooo
    BN: lemme get to dat now
    RA: Alright.
    RA: I'll be waiting to get this show on the fucking road.
    RA: It better not suck...
    BN: im installing now
    BN: i dont think this will suck
    BN: actually quite frankly
    BN: i have a feeling
    BN: this will be a long
    BN: game
    BN: it will be a long game
    RA: Hm... Really?
    RA: Then it better be awesome if it's long.
    BN: yep yep yep
    BN: installing now
    RA: Alright, tell me when it's totally installed.
    RA: Christ I can't wait any more!
    RA: Getting kind of antsy....
    BN: i
    BN: i think its installed
    RA: Oh sweet, really?
    RA: Hey it said it connected to a server player!
    RA: Oh man...
    BN: oh man what?
    RA: It says to press enter...
    RA: I'm just excited I guess...
    RA: I hope it gets my mind off of, you know.
    BN: yeah yeah
    RA: Any way, what are we waiting for?
    BN: not sure
    BN: lets go
    RA: Let's press enter.
    RA: Three
    RA: Two
    RA: one
    RA: Go!

    >Annie: PRESS ENTER!!!

    RA: Well that sure was... seizure inducing.
    BN: yep
    RA: Any way, all I see is a blank screen...
    RA: What about you?
    BN: uhh
    BN: a cool interface

    RA: Alright, then why the hell don't I see a cool interface?
    BN: because im the server player yo
    RA: I see, then what is a client player supposed to do?
    RA: What do you see me or something?
    BN: yeah
    BN: i do actually
    BN: this is weird
    RA: Wait no shit?
    RA: Alright, so now what do we do?
    BN: hmm
    BN: the interface has a few options
    BN: lemme check em out
    RA: Alright, just make sure not to fuck anything up!
    BN: i wont
    RA: Alright, sure...
    BN: okay
    BN: i just entered this thing called the phernalia registry
    BN: i think i can place some machines from it into your house
    RA: Oh sweet really?
    RA: Alright deploy them already then!
    BN: doin it yo
    BN: doin it
    RA: Alright.
    RA: Fuck what was that rumbeling noise?
    RA: Are you rtrying to bring down the whole damn house?
    BN: no no no
    BN: i just placed a machine
    BN: it was called
    BN: the cruxtruder
    BN: or some shit
    RA: Alright, where the hell did you put it?
    BN: uhh
    BN: if im not mistaken
    BN: right outside your bedroom door
    RA: ... Really now?
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] tries to open door. --
    RA: Fuck...
    RA: Alright, just place the rest of the stuff in my room I guess...
    BN: got it
    BN: i could move it to your room if needed
    RA: Wait, you can move stuff around my room too?
    RA: That's pretty sweet.
    RA: Hold on, it seems like I'll need to do a lot of walking around.
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] walks off an grabs something else. --
    RA: There, I'm using phone.
    RA: Now I can talk to you when I'm not on my computer.
    RA: Alright, so what do we do now?
    BN: hmm
    BN: just placing some machines dont be afraid
    BN: okay
    BN: i just placed an alchemiter totem lathe and moved the cruxtruder

    RA: Hoyl shit those things are huge!
    RA: Are you sure you can fit them all in my room?
    BN: not exactly
    BN: but ill work around that
    BN: if so be it
    RA: Alright.
    RA: So what do I DO with these machines any way?
    BN: hmm
    BN: im
    BN: not actually sure
    RA: Alright...
    BN: but that one that i just moved
    BN: kinda looks like
    BN: you can crack the bitch open
    RA: Yeah, hold on let be turn that lever.
    RA: ... fuck its not doing any good.
    BN: are you gordan freeman
    BN: do you have a crowbar
    RA: Nope.
    RA: I wish I did.
    BN: hmm
    BN: anything else like that
    RA: Hey, maybe you should try dropping something on it.
    BN: okay
    BN: lemme try it
    RA: Alright.
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] picks up reanimationAnnihilator [RA]'s bed and drops it on the cruxtruder --
    RA: HJey I slept on that thing!
    RA: ^hey
    RA: What the hell?
    BN: sorry
    BN: did it open
    RA: Yeah...
    RA: I see some bright seizure thing floating around.

    BN: ooh
    BN: yeah i see it too
    BN: i believe its called a kernelsprite
    BN: i scrolled over it
    RA: Alrigh,t what do we do with it?
    RA: Do I shoto it?
    RA: ^shoot.
    RA: Wait...
    RA: That'll kill it...
    RA: Never mind.
    BN: i kinda needed to extend your living room a little bit
    BN: tom?
    RA: yeah, extending my rooms is fine.
    RA: if you can do that.
    BN: i indeed can
    RA: Alright...
    RA: christ chat kind of game is this any way?
    RA: ^what
    BN: no earthly idea
    RA: So just do something, while I hang around here.
    BN: cool cool cool
    BN: the room is too damn small
    RA: the rooms here arent that big I guess.
    RA: Uncle Al doesn't have any useless shit to clog it up with.
    BN: awesome
    RA: Ah christ.
    RA: Can you just toss something at this stupid kernel thing?
    RA: It's bugging me.
    BN: eh sure
    BN: got anything throw worthy?
    RA: How about that star Trek poster.
    RA: I don't really care for that one any more.
    BN: okay
    -- briodeNebuliser [BN] threw the poster at the seizure thing. --
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] the seizure thing merged with the poster. --
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] is has become the trek sprite. --
    RA: What the hell...
    BN: what the hell
    RA: Ok, this game has officialyl become fucking nuts.
    BN: yeah
    BN: yeah it did
    RA: Jesus christ...
    RA: This thing is starting to creep me out.
    RA: I mean.
    RA: Totlly nothing special, I deal with freaks like this all of the time.
    BN: of course
    BN: but still
    BN: what the fuck is up with that seizure thing
    BN: maybe you could talk to it
    RA: Alright.
    RA: No dice, I can't understand a word it says.
    BN: oh
    BN: that sucks
    RA: YEah, it totally does.
    BN: hmm
    RA: What do we do next?
    BN: i guess i could place the rest of the free machines for now
    RA: Something with these machines?
    RA: Alright.
    RA: Alright, think I should mess around with that Cruxi
    RA: Curxi....
    RA: That cruxwhateverthefuckitscalled?
    BN: try to crank it or something
    RA: alright.
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] cranks the wheel. Some odd blue material comes out --

    RA: What the hell is that?
    BN: ehhh
    BN: lemme pick it up and check it out
    BN: it says its called a cruxite dowel
    RA: I see, I'm just gonig to go and Captchalog it.
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] captchalogs the cruxite dowel. --
    RA: Alright, anything else we should be doing?
    BN: hmm
    BN: go check out the other machines of course
    RA: Alright, I'm gonig to check out the thing with all of the needles.
    RA: What's that one called?
    BN: ehh
    BN: alchemiter or some shit
    BN: no
    BN: thats the other one
    BN: the one with the needles is
    BN: the totem lathe
    RA: Alright, it looks like it had a spot where I can put this Dowel thing...
    -- reanimationAnnihilator [RA] places cruxite dowel on the totem lathe. --
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Starting [S]trong

    >Tom: Take captchalog card

    >Tom: Check window


    This thread has just been derpified.

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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Starting [S]trong

    ====> STRIFE!!

    You cannot strife as you have already strifed, and lost. The strife was so long and grueling that several wings of the mansion may never be repaired from all the damage you two caused. It was a marvelous spectacle that would happen only once in a lifetime.

    Of course, that is complete bullshit. Sir Derpface managed to disarm you… again.

    For the past several years, you’ve been clawing to the top with your own array of lazer weaponry. Your Lazer Specibii allows you to arm yourself with long-range weapons that make up for your small stature with point and shoot death from below. You would think this would be able to stand up to anyone, or at least someone using an offcespplykind specibii. However, that does not seem to be the case.

    Despite the large array of penswords your father has lying around the house, he insists on “fair fights” using the weakest possible item in the deck; a single pencil. Yet despite this you have never once been able to beat him in strife. He’s managed to become so used to strifing with it that he turned a wimpy specibii into a form of painful defeat. As a girl of scientific advancement, this bothers you to no end.

    Your father goes about his way, your daily match concluded. As if on cue, one of your friends call, and you could use the distraction.

    Pff, meteors.

    That’s rather silly, even by your standards.


    You return to your wing of the mansion after realizing you no longer care. It can have Sir Unsuspecting as a snack for all you care, its just not worth it. You’d rather go back to the lab and continue with your experiments…

    Oh dear, it seems Nibbler is awake.

    And he's ready to pounce!

    ====> STRIFE!!!!

    You would never fight with nibbler. You love him too much.
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    Re: (IC) WorldMerged: Featuring giant friendly mutant bunnies!

    > Will: Continue along without any more interruptions

    You can do that just fine. You're almost at the lab, and you just take a casual glance in its direction and... Whoa what was that?

    That looked like a meteor falling down somewhere a few dozen miles north of where you live. Wait, doesn't Tom live up-state? Maybe you should check on him just in case.


    -- rusticRaptor [RR] began pestering reanimationAnnihilator [RA] --

    Well this is BAD. Apocalypse-level bad. You should really hurry and finish your trip to the lab before the meteors get worse.

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