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Thread: It's Adventure Time!

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    Re: It's Adventure Time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantos View Post
    That's true, but they also have the most rigid of bureaucracies. I honestly think they say Chaotic Evil because it sounds eviler on T.V., too!

    Also I have no idea what happened with the crown last episode, but it impressed me enough to lift any concerns over the writing having gone sour.
    But the bureaucracy and control are a farce. The jailkeeper left the prison doors open because no one came to relieve him from his shift, and no matter what a petitioner requests Abadeer always grants one of the same three things at random

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    Re: It's Adventure Time!

    What do you guys think of the recent return of Adventure Time: Serious? (The last episode, 'Crossover')

    I thought it was pretty awesome
    I give it four hats. Maybe four and a half...

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    Re: It's Adventure Time!

    We stopped getting CN so I didn't even know the show was airing again until a couple weeks ago. I think the last episode I watched was the one with Viola. I'm so behind.

    Should probably do something about that.

    Crossover sounds interesting though...

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